The Corgi Crew

Suffragette City, November 4th, 1942

Suffragette City departed the airfield in good weather in the lead position of the squadron. Things were going swimmingly over England until a wave of cold hit the ship like an iced hammer. Luckily, nothing was jammed and no one lost their fingers or toes because of the extreme temperatures.
Suddenly, the air was alive with German fighters. A group of four fighters swooped in from all directions, a FW 190 from 12 high scoring a hit on starboard waist. A hail of metal shards showered Sgt. Kerrigan at the waist gun but only flesh wounds. The ME 109 at 1:30 level peppered the “City” with hot metal but did no damage of note. Sgt Boehmer in the ball turret spattered the ME 110 in a vertical climb
While the crew was recoiling from the first hits in their operational lives, five ME109’s swarmed the B-17 from the front. Most missed on their attack runs, but the Gerrys at 1:30 high and 12 level scored hits. The bullets pierced the skin and at least one went through Flight Engineer Flanagan’s left leg. The port wing was riddled with bullet holes, but nothing could be checked because a final wave of fighters came down upon the suffering “City”
This time the crew’s English cousins helped out and chased off the three FW-190s assailing the bomber. The ME 109 at 12 high, however, strafed the tail of the ship, blowing off Sgt. Hiram’s left ear.
And as fast as they had come, they were gone. The skies were clear of flak and Lt. Zimmerman put the bombs on target. The crew is started to think that the sun shines, cows moo, and Lt. Zimmerman gets the bombs at least 30% on target.
On the way out, the crew didn’t see nearly as much action as coming in. They were hit by an ME 109 at 12 high to no serious damage and the RAF took care of the rest.
Upon landing the structurally sound but ugly and beat up B-17 performed as well as could be expected with the port wing flap out.
It seems that luck is still with the crew of the Suffragette City. Regardless of the amount of bullets that passed through the thin aluminum tube, no one was seriously injured and the bomber itself took very light damage. Sgt. Boehmer has become more and more fatalistic, saying that the luck is going to run out and they will all be sleeping at the bottom of the channel before long. His friends try and shut him up and keep him out of hearing of the officers when inebriated.



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