The Corgi Crew

Suffragette City, November 3rd, 1942

November 3rd, 1942

Suffragette City assumed the middle position again. Aircraft Commander Billings was pretty cheeked after the past two days of interrogation and berating at the hands of the XO of the squadron and his buddies for wrecking the wing and prop when he last landed.
Smooth sailing out of England, no harassment from any Germans until the ship approached the target area. All of a sudden the skies were alight with contrails and smoke from the dueling fighters, and a FW 190 dove straight in on MSGT Flanagan in the top turret. He blazed wildly at the enemy fighter but all his shots went astray. Thankfully the tracers and .50 Caliber slugs scared the Jerry enough for him to miss on the attack run and pass on through the formation.
Three more fighters lined up on the City but the RAF chased them away with ease. Two ME 109’s and one ME 110 were sent packing by the nimble maneuvers of those lads in the Spitfires.
The Nazis still kept at the Suffragette City, with three more FW 190’s bearing down on the crew. A lone Spitfire managed to draw one off with some pretty fancy flying, but there were still two more bearing down from 12:00 and 3:00 high. Bombardier Zimmermann and MSGT Flanagan gritted their teeth, but all their rounds missed their mark. Luck was on the side of the crew, however, as both FW’s missed completely on their runs.
The flak was medium, but thankfully nothing hit the ship as it went through the deadly bursts.
Lt. Zimmermann dropped down into the nose again, got his face into the Norden bombsight and took control of the aircraft. He let loose the payload on target at the Amiens railyard, and guessed his hit percentage at 30.
On the way out a lone ME 110 tried to come at the ship from directly beneath, but the RAF shot the fighter down before Sgt. Boehmer had the chance to line up a good shot.
Capt. Billings put the peanut gallery to rest on his landing, which was called the “best of the day” by the tower crew.
Outside of the botched landing, the Suffragette City seems to have a heaping share of luck. Some of the older crewmembers have started to mutter amongst themselves that it can’t last, while hoping against every superstitious bone in their body that lady luck is on their side for good.



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