The Corgi Crew

Flight Log: Special Delivery: 11-03-42

Target today was Amiens, at a major railyard and junction just southeast of where we hit yesterday. This section of France is starting to look awfully familiar. If the skuttlebutt from the staff clerk is right, we’ll be flying here for at least another day or two, assuming the weather holds. On the upside, flak will be predictable and air support should be consistent.

Our trip out was smooth, right until the target area. The RAF took most of the heat off (and there was a lot of it, 5! FW190s), but a lucky burst from a diving Focke-Wulf hit our canopy right above the bomb bay. I had Simons check it out while we collectively held our breath, but aside from a few new ventilation holes in the bay doors, we were alright. Flak was heavier around the rest of the formation, but we managed to fly through a clear pocket and drop without issue. By the looks of things, Wolcott made a mess of the yards staging area, but celebrations were short, on account of the reinforcements that showed up.

Air support gets spotty this far out, and we were lucky enough to have what little help we got. More FW190s (You’d never know we destroyed an aircraft factory yesterday by the numbers of enemy aircraft we’ve been seeing). RAF chased off one, but his wingman kept buzzing us. His first run was ineffective, but our top and nose guns either jammed up something bad or Brodsky and Wolcott were asleep at their sights, because we were firing warning shots at best. The 190 came back around off our port cheek. Lt. Coet barely had time to fire off a burst before the 190 sprayed from the nose across the wings. Tony took a 20mm round in the chest and was killed as we left the target area. That same attack run tore up both wings and damaged our landing gear. Damn Kraut thought he could come around for a third pass, but Brodsky got even and shot him out of the sky. A second wave was mostly driven off, and those who stayed on were ineffectual.

We were pestered by a group of ME109s over the channel, but the RAF managed to show up in force and shot down two before they could even form up for an attack. The other fled with 3 angry Tommies on his tail, can’t imagine that went well for him.

Landing was shaky, what with our starboard aileron inop and port gear damaged, but we stuck the landing and it looks like she’ll fly another day.



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